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The Complete Pragmatic

Family of Frameworks

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A group of friends were out hiking one day. We find them walking steadily upstream next to a river... towards a pubÖ

One of them, letís call him Kevin, didnít quite fit into the group. In fact, Kevin didnít seem to fit into any group. He was a little introverted and found being in a large group a little intimidating. At parties he would rarely mingle and would mostly be found standing at the back of the room holding onto a glass firmly for support with no one to talk to, while everyone else seemed to be desperately trying to demonstrate to everyone else what a great time they were having. He knew he spoke the same language that all his friends and colleagues at work spoke but for some reason always had a strange feeling that he spoke some strange dialect that others constantly misinterpreted. This only served to increase his feelings of anxiety when communicating with others and increased his quietness and self-imposed solitude. All he knew was - he just didnít seem to ďfitĒ anywhere. It wasnít that the rest of the people in the group hated Kevin per se. They just found him a little weird. Didnít quite understand him, and tolerated him rather than loved him. read more, please Login or Register

Questions to ponder...

How many people in your Enterprise are saving drowning children?

How many people in your Enterprise are preventing children falling in the river?

Should your Enterprise devote more resources towards preventing children falling in the river?

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