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The Complete Pragmatic

Family of Frameworks

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Pragmatic asserts that every Enterprise consists of four distinct conceptual parts which a) totally and completely defines all Enterprises without overlaps or gaps, b) are the most fundamentally important to the Board and the sustainability of the Enterprise and c) have different operating models, different cultures, different languages, different drivers, different mind-sets, different tools, different processes, different artefacts, etc. read more, please Login or Register

Questions to ponder...

What high level structures does your Enterprise use to describe itself?

Are they purely physical like Departments or more conceptual?

Do you think DOTS is a useful structure for analysing and/or designing your Enterprise?

What are you doing in your Enterprise to connect the DOTS?

Who bangs the boardroom table for resources to improve each part?

What is their title? Do they have a seat at the Board Table? If not, why not?

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